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The Bonsai Societies of Florida (BSF), founded in 1973, is a state coordinating organization having about 800 members who also belong to one of the 28 member societies, member societies at large and study groups, or who have chosen to belong as unaffiliated Members at Large.

Founded in 1967, the American Bonsai Society, Inc. is the pioneering national bonsai organization. As a non-profit corporation, our purpose is to promote knowledge of and interest in bonsai and to serve as a national focal point for bonsai fanciers. We publish a Bonsai Journal, hold conventions for our members and provide a variety of educational and support services to the bonsai community.

Mary Miller, well known in Bonsai circles, puts out a monthly newsletter and if you would like to get on her mailing list, just write to her at

Sundamizu Bonsai Kai is located in the Greater Clearwater area. Write to Lois Powell at to get on their mailing list.

D&L Nursery specializes in bonsai and can be located at 6550 S.E. 153rd Court, Ocklawaha, FL 32179. (352) 625-2681 (e-mail:  (Web page:
. )

DownStairs Art, Alexis Ellis Potter. Alexis makes custom bonsai pots of any size or style. Contact her at 352-257-5129 or email her at

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May 13th is World Bonsai Day. More information at: